The second part of our trip was a 6 night stay on Maui.  We split the time on the island between 4 nights in the south Maui resort area of Kihei and 2 nights in the quiet east cost enclave of Hana.

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Here we are Christmas evening with some cool lights.  We ate dinner at a polynesian restaurant that was built on top of a huge fish pond.  You could actually pick out the lobster your want out of the pool.  There were tons of fish of all types swimming around in there too.

Christmas Lights

Here is just one of Maui's dozens of excellent beaches.  This one is appropriately called Big Beach.

Big Beach

The east side of Maui consists of a 10000 ft volcano called Haleakela.   It is a national park and has an excellent road to the top.  We day hiked a few miles down into the crater which is a spectacular sight.  The crater consists of many different hues of colors.

Haleakala Crater

On the trail in Haleakala crater.

Hiking Haleakla

A plant called the Silversword grows here.  It really is silver.   It grows for 50 years and then has a brilliant stalk of blooms then dies.   We unfortunately didn't see any blooming since that occurs in the summer.


We then drove out on the Hana Highway.  It is a beautiful drive with hundreds of curves and 50 or so one lane bridges.  There are countless waterfalls along the way.  This road ranks right up there with the most scenic roads in the country.

Hana Highway

The surf was up so there were lots of surfers doing their thing.  It was fun to watch.  Check out the see arch in the background!


We had another excellent view from our condo in Hana.

Hana Condo View

Hana has a secluded beach that is RED.  It is called, duh, Red Beach

Red Beach

Sigh, just another typical sight along the Hana Highway.

Hana Waterfall

Haleakala NP also has a section of the park over on the coast near Hana.   This area is called O'heo Gulch, AKA The Seven Sacred Pools.  It is a series of pools where the water plunges over waterfalls into the next pool.  Very pretty and very fun for the throngs of people who come here to swim and jump off the cliffs.

Seven Pools

We hiked about a half mile uphile from the 7 pools to a pool called Infinity Pool.  This pool dumps out over a 200 ft water fall into a big pool below, WAY below. 

Infinity Pool

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