We spent alot of time snorkeling on this trip.  The underwater life and scenery is very good in Hawaii.

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Turtles were plentiful in many places and we got to see them close up and swim with them


We rented a sea kayak and kayaked a mile across a bay to Captian Cook National Monument.  It is the site of the best snorkeling on the big island.   The water has 100 ft visability and the fish and coral are really cool. 

Angel Fish

Sharon checks out the underwater scene

Sharon Snorkeling

A good mix of ocean life




Eels where kind of spooky when they slithered around the reef

Eel Swimming

Getting the evil eye from an eel!!!



One of Maui's best snorkel sights is called "Aquarium".  We had to hike a mile over lava fields to find it.  Lots of fish to get lost in!

School of Fish

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