Jeff Jacobson, Eric S. and I joined together for a ski/snowboard trip on Presidents Weekend 2002.   Ritzy Aspen was the destination for this yearly ski trip. 

We wasted no time getting to the top of the first ski area, Buttermilk.   The Aspen mountains consist of 4 separate areas.  Buttermilk, Ajax, Aspen Highlands and Snowmass.  The backdrop for all the areas is the spectacular soaring peaks in Maroon Bells Wilderness Area. 

Top of Buttermilk  (Click to Enlarge)

Buttermilk says it has the worlds largest terrain park which is 2 miles in length.  It has tons of jumps, rails and a big halfpipe.  Below, Eric rides a rail.

Eric in terraine park   (Click to Enlarge)

We were blessed with 5 inches of fresh powder that first day.  Jeff enjoys the fluffy stuff in the aspen glades.

Jeff skis powder (Click to Enlarge)

We stayed at a condo resort called The Gant.  It is in downtown Aspen and our unit had a nice view of the bottom of Ajax Mountain and the gondola.  We spent 4 nights here.

Gant Condo View   (Click to Enlarge)

We visited Aspen Highlands on the second day.  Below is Eric on a tough double diamond run called Soddbuster.

Eric on double diamond Soddbuster Run   (Click to Enlarge)

Our goal at Highlands was to take on the infamous Highlands Bowl.   The first part of the trek found us taking a snowcat to the dropoff point for a long grueling hike to the summit. 

Snowcat to Highlands bowl   (Click to Enlarge)

This was a popular hike and we shared the views with many other people.   Below is Jeff along the hike.  Eric, and his oxygen tank lungs, can be seen about mid-way up the ridge.

Highlands Bowl Climb   (Click to Enlarge)

We made it to our point of descent!  Pyramid Peak and the Maroon bells grace the skyline.  We are way up over 12000ft at this location.

Top of Highlands hike  (Click to Enlarge)

After all the hard work we took time to make a toast to a successful descent.  This toast was made with our camelback nozzles.  Gatorade in the camelbacks was a mainstay of all of our days of intense snowriding.

A Toast to a successful descent   (Click to Enlarge)

Here we go!  Jeff can be seen on the first leg of the long and steep double diamond descent into the Highlands Bowl. 

Jeff descends the bowl   (Click to Enlarge)

Our line had a pitch of 40 to 45 degrees.  Below, Jeff calculates his next move.

Steep stuff   (Click to Enlarge)

Below, Chris is loving life as he pounds down the steeps.

Chris coming down the bowl   (Click to Enlarge)

On day #3 we visited Ajax Mountain.  We found some great groomed cruisers here that were pretty steep.  Below is a shot of Jeff hauling down "America's Downhill" which is the run that often hosts world cup ski races in Aspen. 

Jeff on world cup downhill run   (Click to Enlarge)

The afternoon of day #3 and all of day #4 was spent sampling Snowmass's 3500 acres of ski terrain.  Below shows Eric defying gravity on his hoverboard.  

Eric catches air at Snomass   (Click to Enlarge)

Great view of the backcountry behind Snowmass.

Snowmass Views   (Click to Enlarge)

Call us crazy, call us fools.  We don't care.  We wanted to make our last run of the the trip be one for the ages.  Off went the shirts and we cruised down into the Snowmass base area with fond memories of another great trip!

Crazy last run

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