Here's a brief account of a recent hut trip we took in the Sawatch Range of central Colorado.  This hut is called the Peter Estin Hut and it is our favorite hut in the 10th Mountain Hut System. 

The route up to the hut follows the Iron Edge Trail.  This trail is 4 miles long and is pretty steep in places.  Below is halfway up the trail in the thick timber.

Iron Edge Trail to Estin Hut

Once up at the hut the views are expansive.  There is a peak above the hut that affords awesome 360 degree views. 

Skiing Prospect Peak

The hut itself is a traditional 10th Mountain Hut.  It has a solar power system, room for 16 people and a great deck out front.

The Estin Hut

Inside there is a large common area with wood stove.

Inside common area

The kitchen area has a woodburning cook stove and counterspace to accomodate several groups


Upstairs has bunks in a big room and then 2 private bedrooms for couples.

Sleeping Area

Here's the view from the peak above the hut.

View from the top

Looking south toward the Elk Mountains.

Elk Mountain View

We now have some movies of this trip to share with you.    Click here to visit our movie page

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