Big Sky Ski Trip

The big guys 2006 ski trip this year was to the northern Rockies resort of Big Sky Montana.  Big Sky is right on the northwest edge of Yellowstone National Park. Jonathan and I headed up a few days before the Midwesterners arrived to catch some extra sights.
We downhilled at a small area called Bridger Bowl which turned out to be a really good gem.  We also visited the national park for a day trip via snow coach 35 miles into the Old Faithful area.

Even with deep snow, the thermal features like this bubbling paint pot were as active as ever.

Wildlife was easy to spot and we saw eagles, bison, elk, swans and some other critters.

We cross country skied and had to contend with roaming bison who didn't really mind us passing through. But it was dicey! 

After that we met up with the boys from IL and MI and got to our chalet which turned out to be great.  Here's the view of the Lone Peak (11,166 ft) that greeted us each morning.

Not a bad ski in/out location as Eric points out.

We tackled this mountain from all sides over the course of 4 days. It is the second largest ski area in America after Vail with over 5000 acres between the main resort of Big Sky and the sister resort Moonlight Basin on the other side.

There is even a tram that goes up to the tip top for very challenging runs and awesome views of the region.

Jonathan starts a long descent from the summit.

Eric streams through a little pow on a cold morning.

Jeff high above the private resort called The Yellowstone club which has members like Bill Gates and Tiger Woods.

Chris testing himself on the the steeps on a 3000 vertical foot run.

The chalet, the guys, and our official insignia.

Craig proudly carries the flag on our final run where we took turns in route down to the base area.

A big contest called the Dummy Jump was going on so we all pitched in props, tools, and talent to construct "Bode-Licious" which was our towering entry complete with shimmering wings and Victoria's Secrets attire. Although we had a blast through the whole thing, Bode only made it halfway down the ramp before crashing and being engulfed in the smoke from the smoke bombs we had affixed.

The winner of the contest was an awesome moose on a surf board which caught some great air.

Check out the teaser trailer for this years DVD:

Small 3MB bigsky-teasertrailer-small.wmv

Large 18MB bigsky-teasertrailer-large.wmv

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