Other Wanderings

We visited the Eiseman Hut north of Vail in January. It was a banner snow year, especially in early season, as is shown by the buried hut!

A beautiful end to a beautiful day.

Looking for a new challenge, Chris took on the a race in Aspen called "Americas Uphill". You can use skis or snowshoes.  Here he nears the end for the big 3200 foot climb.

In early April, we paid a visit out to Eastern Utah and an area called the San Rafael Swell.  It has great slot canyons and we did a great hike linking a couple of them. Sharon had to slosh through some watery spots which was a fun experience.

Ah, we need a fix of Utah each year!

Here's a view of a section of the Swell called the Reef with snow capped La Sal mountains off in the distance.

On the edge of the Swell is Goblin Valley State Park.  A cool place where a layer of mud has eroded beneath a layer of sandstone to make lots of pilars across a valley. It is a great place to just go in and wander about.


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