ALOHA!  We visited the beautiful Hawaiian island of Kaua'i for 9 days in Septempter 2000. Kaua'i is rightfully referred to as the "Garden Isle" since the interior of the island receives an amazing 450 inches of rain a year and thus is extremely lush. That earns the island the distintion of being the wettest spot on earth.   Fortunately, the coastal areas of the island experience the typical wonderful Hawaiian weather and are more suitable for us vacationers.

We wanted to explore the island thoroughly so we stayed in a few different places on the island. The first 3 nights were spent on the southern shore in the resort area of Poipu. The middle part of the trip was spent on the north shore in beautiful Princeville. We then backpacked to a remote beach on the rugged northwest coast which is called the Na Pali coast. And the last night was spent in a B&B near the north shore community of Kilauea.

I've split up the trip into 3 different sections for easier browsing:

South\West\East Shore North Shore Backpacking Na Pali

Although the pictures you see will most likely be visually adequate, you can click on any of them to open up a higher resolution photo if you wish.


I have some nice Hawaiian music playing in the background of this main web page. If you want to hear it for all the webpages or if it doesn't work in your web browser you can click on the following links to download the music to play in your Windows Media Player or similar program.
All PCs should be able to play this 3 min MIDI song.

Aloha 'Oe MIDI(20k, 3:20min)

If your PC can play MP3's, this is a pretty recording of a ukulele.  It seems that only certain browsers can download these 2 files.  Sorry.

Aloha 'Oe MP3 (43k, 0:40min)

Aloha 'Oe MP3 (143k, 2:25min)

MAHALO (Hawaiian thankyou) for visiting our site!   We hope you enjoy the pictures.

Chris and Sharon

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